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Руководитель группы поддержки инфраструктуры (ITGroupLeader infrastructure)

международная производственная компания
• Insure IT equipment/applications operation without interruptions and take necessary measures to resolve incidental failures;
• Organize and control of repairing works with third party companies if it is necessary;
• Organize monitoring of IT equipment/applications and quality of service;
• Organize support from/with 2nd level or 3rd level if it is necessary;
• Define necessary maintenance works for IT equipment and control of it execution;
• Insure fulfillment of safety and security standards in IT environment;
• Responsible for user support and helpdesk;
• Ensure proper execution of incident management, change management and problem management within the group;
• Train end users;
• Organize and control of process for backup and restoration of data;
• Ensure utilization, efficiency of IT equipment/Applications;
• Ensure reporting about registered unauthorized or forbidden activities of the users;
• Ensure control and check of installation for third party companies of IT equipment/Applications; ▪ Ensure proper execution of local processes, procedures, instructions and best practices related to the field of IT within the group;
• Develop and control of disaster recovery plans for IT equipment/Applications;
• Develop instructions, procedures related to IT and ensure it execution within the group;
• Create proposals for developing of IT environment based on business requirements;
• Define and report about internal group KPIs;
• Ensure HR related processes within the group;
• Develop instructions, procedures and policies related to IT field;
• Take part in global and local IT related or cross-functional projects;
• Learn new information, techniques and tools in IT sphere and implement them accordingly;
• Create proposals for developing of IT environment;
• Develop and update technical documentation;
• Create and fill in journal of system information and other documents and reports if necessary;
• Provide related (to tasks) trainings to the employees;
• Work with BKU/LKU structure in order to fulfill main tasks.
• Higher technical education in IT area;
• At least 3 years of IT experience;
• Managed more than 2 employees over 1 year;
• English from Upper Intermediate;
• Understanding of project management;
• Has preferably gained experience with different cultures in projects or internships.
• Large international company;
• Career opportunities;
• Full social package (compensation for meals expenses, corporate transportation, Additional medical insurance);
• Compensation of relocation.

Лабутина Юлия
тел. 8 962 374 91 62
e-mail: labutina@rekadro.ru


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